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Custom Songwriting: Your Story, Your Song.

Here's how it works:

  1. 1. Crafting Lyrics

    Start with Inspiration

    • Lyric Submission: If you already have lyrics, great! Send them our way. But don’t worry if you’re starting from scratch. Inspiration can strike anywhere—while sipping coffee, walking in the park, or even during a late-night shower. Jot down those poetic thoughts!

    Collaborate with Meet Your Songwriter

    • Original Music Creation: Whether you have lyrics or not, Meet Your Songwriter will compose original music tailored to your words. Share your style preferences, and our team of Berklee-trained songwriters will work their magic.

    2. Refining Your Song

    Editing and Suggestions

    • Feedback Loop: Collaboration is key! We’ll edit, refine, and suggest improvements. Maybe your chorus needs a punchier melody, or your verses could use more imagery. Our goal? To make your song shine.

    The Perfect Song

    • Customization: Need vocal melodies? We’ve got you covered. Share your acapella tracks, and we’ll arrange music that complements your lyrics. Plus, we’ll co-publish your songs and handle distribution to platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

    3. Recording Your Masterpiece

    From Demo to Studio Quality

    • Online Tools: Use platforms like Kapwing or Soundtrap to record, edit, and enhance your audio. Remove background noise, layer music tracks, and fine-tune your vocals.

    • Meet Your Songwriter: Collaborate with our team to record studio-quality versions. We’ll ensure your song sounds professional and captivating.

    4. Sharing Your Song

    Content Repurposing

    • Transcribe to Text: Convert your song into text transcripts (.TXT, .SRT, .VTT). Now you have content for blogs, social media, or even a music video.

    • Podcast Magic: Turn your lyrics into podcast episodes. Share the story behind your song, connect with listeners, and build your audience.

"At, the magic begins with custom songwriting"
  1. Conclusion

    Your words have power—the power to resonate, inspire, and connect. So, whether you’re a seasoned songwriter or a curious beginner, let’s turn your lyrics into melodies that linger in hearts and minds. Visit Meet Your Songwriter and embark on your musical journey today! 

Why Choose

  1. Personalized Experience: Unlike buying a generic beat, here you work with a personal producer/songwriter who tailors the production to your style.
  2. Complete Package: The producer not only helps produce the song but also writes the music, lyrics, and melodies.
  3. Professional Recording: Record your vocals in a top-notch studio, making your voice sound like a billion dollars.
  4. Record Label Connection: Collaborate with a record label, adding immense value to your music journey.

All rights of lyrics and composed music will remain with the composers & writers.

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